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Dynasty Warriors 9: How Long it Is & How Many Chapters There Are


Dynasty Warriors 9: How Long it Is & How Many Chapters There Are

How Long it Takes to Beat Dynasty Warriors 9 and How Many Chapters it Has

Dynasty Warriors 9 is definitely vast and it aims to take up a long chunk of time from players. The story mode may seem like a short endeavor, but when you really think about it, you’ll realize it might be one of the longest if not longest games in the series.

In Dynasty Warriors 9, each kingdom (Shu, Wu, Wei, Jin, and Other) has 13 chapters each. That’s 65 chapters in total. A small number of chapters are the same no matter what kingdom you play, some are the same scenarios from different points of view, and some are totally different. While playing through any one kingdom’s story in Dynasty Warriors 9, you’ll eventually need to switch characters to continue on through the chapters, by the way.

Speaking of characters, with there being 90 of them, you’ll definitely have to replay some chapters over as other characters if you want to get their different point of view during that chapter.

For me, it took 21 hours to complete through the entirety of the 13 chapters in Dynasty Warriors 9’s story mode once. That’s by doing the main missions and just enough of the optional stuff to make it less challenging and ensure my character was the appropriate level. It doesn’t include doing every single side quest or getting all of the locations uncovered on the map, nor buying everything possible. That’s just one story, too. If I were to keep that pace for all of my playthroughs of each kingdom, it’d be over a hundred hours then. Though I’m not too sure most of us would want to go that crazy, the option’s there.

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