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Dynasty Warriors 9: How to Get a House or Hideaway


Dynasty Warriors 9: How to Get a House or Hideaway

How to Get a House or Hideaway in Dynasty Warriors 9

Dynasty Warriors 9 isn’t just about fighting hordes of enemies in the name of one of the different factions of feudal China. You’re also going to be doing some everyday stuff. Who knew that Dynasty Warriors would ever include buying a home? If you managed to predict that, you’re a psychic. Here’s how to get yourself a house – or hideaway, as it’s known in Dynasty Warriors 9.

There are variouslocations to buy homes. The first one you’ll come across is in Luoyang and it can be purchased for 30,000. It’s found a bit northeast of Luoyang, and you’ll actually eventually have a tutorial-esque mission that tasks you with uncovering it. Regardless, whenever you see a circle with a small house icon within it on your map, it’s a hideaway that you can buy.

Once you own a house, you’ll be able to furnish it with furniture purchased from a trader at any major city. Officers will visit you and send you gifts of letters, too. You’ll also be able to advance time, change your clothes, cook (if you buy a stove), and craft (if you buy a pot).

That’s all there is to home owning in Dynasty Warriors 9! If you need more assistance, let us know in the comments below!

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