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Dynasty Warriors 9: How to Call Your Horse & Ride It


Dynasty Warriors 9: How to Call Your Horse & Ride It

How to Call Your Horse & Ride it in Dynasty Warriors 9

Dynasty Warriors 9 promises a massive, open world map this time around. Naturally, you’re going to be moving around feudal China a lot. Since it’d be a major pain to walk all over the place, your best choice would be to call upon your trusty horse and ride it to where you want to go. Here’s how you can do that.

Whenever you want to call your horse, just press LT if you’re on Xbox One or L2 if you’re on PS4. Your horse will appear and gallop on towards you. You can then walk over and press A on Xbox One or X on PS4 to climb atop it. If you’re looking for a faster way to do this in Dynasty Warriors 9, though, heed my advice instead of doing it that weird, robotic way. Simply hold down LT (Xbox One) or L2 (PS4) and keep holding it down. Your character will whistle for the horse, it’ll gallop at you, and you’ll naturally climb atop it automatically to keep the maneuver going smoothly. No awkward stopping that way, and you’ll seamlessly move to controlling your trusty steed.

That’s all there is to calling and riding it in Dynasty Warriors 9! If you need any other help with the game, leave a comment down below and we’ll try our best to help you out.

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