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Monster Hunter World: Where to Get Throwing Knives


Monster Hunter World: Where to Get Throwing Knives

Getting Throwing Knives in Monster Hunter World

If you have recently been playing Monster Hunter World, then you might be wondering how to obtain throwing knives. After all, they have many important uses. The Paralysis Knife, for instance, requires throwing knives in order to be crafted. Likewise, crafting a Tranq Knife also requires throwing knives. Both the Paralysis Knife and Tranq Knife are helpful when capturing monsters, and with throwing knives being an essential ingredient of both, knowing how to get them is important. But how exactly do hunters get these knives?

First and foremost, the throwing knife cannot be crafted. Instead, they are obtained in supply boxes during quests. However, not every quest’s supply box provides these knives. Unfortunately, this means that hunters are somewhat limited in their access to throwing knives. Perhaps more importantly, these knives cannot be brought back to Astera, which means that hunters can’t stock up on them during the missions that give them out. All in all, these knives are a circumstantial item only sometimes available to hunters. While having a Tranq Knife or Paralysis Knife is convenient during the hunt, you’ll have only have access to them during certain missions. Fortunately, Monster Hunter: World offers players a plethora of options for taking down big game. However, by paying attention to the supply box, you can make sure to never miss an opportunity to use throwing knives.

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This post was originally written by Sean Pyle.

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