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The Sims 4: How to Do Laundry & Wash Clothes


The Sims 4: How to Do Laundry & Wash Clothes

How to Do Laundry, Wash, and Dry Clothes in The Sims 4

The Sims 4’s latest stuff pack, Laundry Day, aims to bring back the laundry mechanics that were in The Sims 3. For the most part, they work very similarly, too. This one was voted on by the community as the latest pack, so no doubt you’re wondering how to exactly wash, dry, and generally do your laundry in the game.

To be clear, you won’t be able to do any of that without the Laundry Day Stuff Pack. It costs $9.99 and will feature new build & buy objects, CAS options, and the aforementioned game mechanic. Once you have it installed, you’ll be able to take advantage of all that country living goodness.

If you don’t place any hampers, dryers, or washers, your sims will continue on normally. Once you do, though, their clothes will become dirty over time, causing negative moodlets if they’re not taken care of. You need to place hampers around to catch the clothes your sims will change out of. These are best in bedrooms or bathrooms, as that’s where they change outfits the most. When they do, dirty laundry will start stacking up in there.

To clean it all, you can go with washing machines, drying machines, clotheslines, or washing buckets. You can use any combination of them to wash and dry your clothes, but obviously the electrical machines are far faster methods. Once you’re ready to wash a load, click on a hamper as a sim and have them move it to either a washing machine or bucket. Once they do, click on it again and have them wash the clothes. Once it’s done and all soaking wet, click on it to move it to a dryer or a clothesline. Finally, once that’s done, you click it again to unload it and put it away. Make sure you don’t unload it too early, or your sims will have some wet clothes on them. Maids and Butlers will do all of these tasks for you, of course.

That’s all there is to doing the laundry in The Sims 4! Be sure to leave a comment down below if we can help you with any other questions on this particular Stuff Pack, or the game in general.


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