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Monster Hunter World: Is It Xbox One X Enhanced?


Monster Hunter World: Is It Xbox One X Enhanced?

Is Monster Hunter World Xbox One X Enhanced?

The Xbox One X provides plenty of extra power for developers to up the ante when it comes to frame rates and visual flair. Not every game supports the Xbox One X Enhanced functions available, but in the case of Monster Hunter World there are a few added extras if you’re thinking of picking it up here instead of on PS4.

The enhanced functions available for Xbox One X owners largely involve high dynamic range (HDR), providing greater color clarity and darker shades of black to the world. That means the darker areas you might find yourself in will be even darker than you might be used to, though bear in mind you’ll need a 4K or HDR compatible TV to make the most of it.

So far there’s no indication of any potential frame rate, resolution, or 4K options for Monster Hunter World on the newer console, though we will update this post as soon as that information comes to hand. Many 4K upgrades have been added to pre-existing Xbox One releases over the last few months, so it wouldn’t come as a surprise if developers Capcom decide to update Monster Hunter World to support higher resolutions in the future.

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