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Monster Hunter World: How to Get Warped Bones


Monster Hunter World: How to Get Warped Bones

How to Get Warped Bones in Monster Hunter World

If you’ve been playing through Monster Hunter World, you’ll already know by now that there are a ton of different crafting materials and ingredients you’ll need to scavenge while out hunting your prey. Warped bones are often used in armor, but have a bunch of other uses in Monster Hunter World, too. As such, you may be finding yourself in desperate need of warped bones, but without an efficient means of farming them in the game.

To get warped bones fast in Monster Hunter World, you’ll first want to make your way to the Rotten Vale area once you’ve unlocked it. If you haven’t, try and push through the main quests for a while until you unlock it.

Now that you’ve got to Rotten Vale, you’ll simply need to open your map and make a note of the bone pile locations. Now, make your way around to each of these and use Circle on PS4 or B on Xbox One to loot from it. With a bit of luck in Monster Hunter World’s RNG, you’ll get some warped bones.

Make your way around each one in a circuit, and continue to run this circuit until you’ve got the amount you need. Unfortunately, this is your best chance of getting warped bones quickly in Monster Hunter World.

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