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Monster Hunter World: How to Get Warm Pelt


Monster Hunter World: How to Get Warm Pelt

How to Get Warm Pelt Fast in Monster Hunter World

If you’re going to upgrade your weapons and armor in Monster Hunter World, you’re going to have to do a lot of foraging and scavenging within the many different environments in the game. One of the core crafting ingredients you’ll need for getting yourself some fresh armor in the game is Warm Pelt.

In order to get Warm Pelt in Monster Hunter World, you’ll want to focus on taking down the smaller animals (like Kelbies) in the Monster Hunter World’s open environments. Head out on expeditions and spend your time focusing on the packs of these deer-like creatures and you’ll begin to farm Warm Pelt fairly quickly in no time at all.

Warm Pelts are also sometimes given as a reward for completing one of Monster Hunter World’s many quests. As such, be sure to check all of the different sections on the notice board if you’re still in dire need of a few extra units of it. Completing one or two quests might be enough to get your the extra Warm Pelts you need for that shiny new helmet.

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