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Monster Hunter World: How to Tie Down a Monster


Monster Hunter World: How to Tie Down a Monster

Show those monsters who’s boss.

How to Tie Down a Monster in Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World finally allows players to hunt on the big screen once again, this time with new ways to play. Take on a wealth of challenging quests as you fight new monsters in vast lands. One interesting new feature in the game is the ability to tie down a monster with assistance from some friends – the felynes.

To get their help, pay attention to the area as certain locales are actually home to new indigenous felynes. The furry critters will call out on chat, which is on the right side of the screen, telling players to bring the monster to a certain area. From there, head on over to a ledge above the designated and mount the monster, spurring the felynes to assist you as they tie down your target.

Take note that you can also see these felynes on Monster Hunter World’s map, and one of them will even pass by with a horn to let you know that they are willing to help. Make the most out of this opportunity as it will give you a few precious seconds to deal out some major damage. For more Monster Hunter World tips and tricks, check out our ever-expanding wiki.

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