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Monster Hunter World: How to Change Slinger Ammo


Monster Hunter World: How to Change Slinger Ammo

Make the most out of the slinger.

How to Change Slinger Ammo in Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World is the latest entry in the action role-playing series that adds a slew of new elements to the game. One new highlight is the nifty slinger, an item you can use to distract enemies with. To use it, however, you will need to load it with ammo first. This versatile accessory is a must-have item for any hunter, but some players might be wondering how to swap its ammunition.

You will find tons of useable ammo, such as stones and Redpits, scattered throughout the map in Monster Hunter World. Just pick them up to automatically load them onto your slinger, ready for use. To swap it, simply pick up a different type of ammunition for your hunting accessory. You can only carry the ammo you picked up, meaning you can’t carry two types of items in your inventory. Make sure to carefully pick the perfect ammo for your expedition early on to avoid backtracking around the field.

Aside from the slinger, Monster Hunter World also features a handful of new features that offer new ways to take down monsters. For more Monster Hunter World tips and tricks, make sure to check out our wiki!

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