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Monster Hunter World: How to Slide


Monster Hunter World: How to Slide

How to Slide in Monster Hunter World

We as gamers sometimes take things for granted. The ability to walk, run, jump, and slide may always seem like givens, yet aren’t always incorporated into the games we play. Indeed, the option for the player to freely control when the character onscreen performs a certain action is removed simply for the sake of not burying the user in controls, thus allowing him or her the ability to pick up and play the game without any hassle. Such is the case with many games, including Monster Hunter World.

Over the course of your adventure in Monster Hunter World, you may notice that your character slides down steep hills whenever he or she approaches such a surface. This is an action that the game automatically triggers for you to expedite your descent. This unfortunately means that the player can’t perform the action manually, indicating that movement on ground that is normally traversed by walking or running can’t be sped up by any other means.

While a manual slide would have been useful in getting to monsters easier in Monster Hunter World, the automatic slide still comes in handy when exiting your camp and getting straight out into the thick of things, especially if you’re playing online with a friend or two. It allows you to reach your teammates faster and assuages your fears of bringing down your team as a newcomer, as you’ll be thrust back into action before you know it.

That’s all you need to know to slide in Monster Hunter World. For more on the game, be sure to check out our comprehensive wiki.

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