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Monster Hunter World: How to Get Research Points and What They Do


Monster Hunter World: How to Get Research Points and What They Do

Increase your intel.

Getting and Using Research Points in Monster Hunter World

As you track down various monsters and wildlife in Monster Hunter World, you’ll notice that you can rack up Research Points, as indicated by the green pop-ups on the right side of the screen. These won’t come into play until you’ve finished your first couple of assignments and you’re directed to the ecologist at the resource center.

As you gain more of these points in Monster Hunter World, you’ll unlock new information about the various monsters you’ve been tracking, and you’ll also get more benefits in tracking and hunting them. Research Points can be gained pretty easily: all you have to do is examine the track marks and other items they leave behind in the open world, and your scoutflies will usually direct you to them. When you collect enough points to reach the first threshold in the level up bar on the right side, you’ll unlock a new perk when it comes to tracking that particular creature in Monster Hunter World.

Research Points can also be obtained by capturing monsters instead of killing them. The more Research Points you earn, the more you’ll be able to level up the ecologist back at the resource center as well, so be sure to check back there each time you gain a Research level.

Later on in the game, Research Points can also be used to purchase fertilizer for cultivating flora and fauna with the Botanist.

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