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Monster Hunter World: How to Get New Weapons and Armor


Monster Hunter World: How to Get New Weapons and Armor

Stocking up the arsenal.

How to Get New Weapons and Armor in Monster Hunter World

As you make your way through the ranks in Monster Hunter World, the beasts that you’re tasked with capturing or hunting will get stronger. This means that you’ll also need to prepare yourself for the challenges ahead by strengthening your own equipment. You could continuously strengthen your current gear, or you could seek out new weapons and armor that could potentially be even more powerful.

New weapons and armor will be unlocked at the smithy as you hunt more animals and harvest even more of their parts. For instance, hunting down a Barroth and getting a hold of its parts will unlock a new armor set at the smithy, and you can check in there to see the requirements to craft the whole set. Do note that different armor sets have different strengths and weaknesses in Monster Hunter World. Some may be more resistant to fire, while others are more resistant to dragon. Ideally, you’ll want to keep a few upgraded sets of armor or weapons on you to make sure you’re well-equipped to face any upcoming challenges. Keep hunting for new monster parts to unlock more new weapons at the smithy.

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