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Monster Hunter World: How to Get the Ghillie Mantle


Monster Hunter World: How to Get the Ghillie Mantle

Turn invisible!

How to Get the Ghillie Mantle in Monster Hunter World

The Ghillie Mantle is arguably one of the most useful pieces of equipment in Monster Hunter World. It’s essentially a stealth suit that renders you invisible from enemies, enabling you to do whatever you want without fear of getting attacked. This means you can sharpen your weapon, recover some health, and lay down all your traps and bait during the mantle’s 120 second duration. But how do you get the Ghillie Mantle in Monster Hunter World?

Unlike normal items or weapons and armor, you can’t craft the Ghillie Mantle. You need to progress through the main assignments until you reach the quest titled Flying Sparks: Tobi-Kadachi. The electric-catfish like monster, which can shoot electric blasts, is one of the few new creatures introduced, and it’s fitting that you’re given one of the best mantles before you embark on this mission.

Once you have the Ghillie Mantle, you can freely use it whenever and wherever you want. Do take note that you have a lengthy 300 second recharge time before you can use the equipment again. Also, it’s worth pointing out that the concealment effect of the mantle will disappear after you perform an attack animation.

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