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Monster Hunter World: How to Beat Xeno’Jiiva (Final Boss)

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Monster Hunter World: How to Beat Xeno’Jiiva (Final Boss)

Elder dragon hype.

How to Beat the Xeno’Jiiva Final Boss in Monster Hunter World

Xeno’Jiiva is an elder dragon, and it serves as the final boss in Monster Hunter World. Needless to say, you’re going to want to be as prepared as possible before heading into this fight. Make sure to eat some food at the canteen before departing on the assignment; if you’re not really into mixing your own ingredients, the chef’s choice platter is cheap and is always a safe choice for increasing HP and stamina. Here’s how to beat Xeno’Jiiva, the final boss of Monster Hunter World.

Once you’re ready, depart on this final assignment of Monster Hunter World. Xeno’Jiiva is a fearsome elder dragon with some devastating attacks. Like most of the other monsters in Monster Hunter World, it’ll slam its tail down on the ground when you’re behind it, followed by a tail swipe. This attack is very telegraphed, though, so you should be able to see it coming and dodge in time. Try to stand diagonally to it at all times so you don’t get hit by the tail slam and its chomping attacks. When you’re far away from Xeno’Jiiva, the dragon will spit blue flames at you. There are two patterns to this attack: the first is a long spit in a line directly in front of it, and the other is three quick spits in rapid succession to its left, right, and the front. Dodge these as necessary.

Depending on what weapon you’re using against the final boss, you’re going to want to aim for its eight eyes or its tail. The tail can be cut off once you deal enough damage, and you’re going to want to focus on it if you’re using melee weapons. Bow or bowgun users can target the final boss’ eyes more easily. If you’re using the insect glaive with your character in Monster Hunter World, you can also try to mount it.

Xeno’Jiiva will sometimes stand on its hind legs and howl before topping straight down. After toppling, it’ll be stunned for a short period of time, but if you were too close to it during the slam, your character will also be stunned. You might be able to get some free hits in if you were able to run away before the slam. Xeno’Jiiva also has a move where it charges forward in a straight line. Again, this is a very telegraphed attack that you can watch out for when the final boss raises its head, so dodge it when you see it coming.

If you’re close to its head, Xeno’Jiiva will also try to hit you with its claws. The final boss will raise a claw high up into the air before bringing it down, giving you plenty of time to roll out of the way.

When you enrage the final boss and its body starts to glow red, things get a little more dangerous. You’ll now have to watch out for fire spewing onto you from the ground, and Xeno’Jiiva will also start spitting out flames more frequently. Prioritize dodging all the flames and just wait for an opening to attack the final boss. The move set remains largely the same, so just be patient with your attacks and you’ll be able to whittle it down in no time at all. And that’s all you need to know about how to beat Xeno’Jiiva, the final boss of Monster Hunter World.

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