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Monster Hunter World: How to Craft Items


Monster Hunter World: How to Craft Items

Craft items like a pro.

How to Craft Items in Monster Hunter World

Crafting is important if you want to survive and finish hunts in Monster Hunter World, as you can create recovery items, traps, and other useful items by combining certain materials that you can simply pick up in the game’s open world areas. If you’re a bow user, it’s crucial that you know how to craft items because ammunition is finite in the Monster Hunter series.

To craft, you simply have to open your in-game menu to bring up the crafting list by pressing the Start button on PS4 or Menu button Xbox One. By using R1 and L1 / RB and LB, you can choose from a full list of items available through crafting, or just the ones you can craft with materials right now. Find the item you want to craft, and press X/ A to craft it. While you can craft items while walking, it’s quite dangerous to do this if there’s a deadly enemy chasing you. You also can’t sprint while the crafting menu is open. Thankfully, you can auto-craft items in Monster Hunter World to save time and avoid risks during a hunt.

To auto-craft, simply head to the options menu and select the item you wish to craft. Instead of crafting items one-by-one, press the Triangle button on PS4 or Y on Xbox One to put a check mark on the tick box. With this, you will automatically craft items once you have the required materials.

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