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Monster Hunter World: How to Use Bait (Poisoned, Tinged & Drugged Meat)


Monster Hunter World: How to Use Bait (Poisoned, Tinged & Drugged Meat)

Lure your enemies into traps!

How to Use Bait in Monster Hunter World

With the right bait and traps, you can easy complete your quests faster in Monster Hunter World. Some hunts can even be completed without using your weapons, which is a testament to the effectiveness of traps in the game. So, how do you use it in Monster Hunter World?

There are three kinds available, and all of them use Raw Meat as the base ingredient for crafting. Below are the crafting requirements and short description for the three types of bait in Monster Hunter World.

  • Poisoned Meat (Raw Meat + Toadstool): Raw meat that poisons whatever eats it.
  • Tinged Meat (Raw Meat + Parashroom): Raw meat that paralyzes whatever eats it. .
  • Drugged Meat (Raw Meat + Sleep Herb): Raw meat that puts whatever eats it to sleep.

You might be wondering how you can make your enemies eat it, as these are simply laid on the ground when you use the item. Basically, only carnivorous monsters will eat your bait in Monster Hunter World. Other factors that increase the chances of monsters eating the meat include their level of fatigue and your proximity to the bait. Simply put, remain undetected when placing your bait near a fatigued, carnivorous monster.

With the Tinged Meat and Drugged Meat, you can easily deal a huge amount of damage if you have traps in your inventory. With several large barrel bombs from you and your teammates, you can quickly knock out your foe. There are also environmental traps, such as boulders, in Monster Hunter World and you can accordingly place your bait to guarantee that your enemy gets damaged.

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