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How to Redeem Codes from GameStop & Amazon


How to Redeem Codes from GameStop & Amazon

How to Redeem Codes from GameStop & Amazon

Redeeming codes can be a little tricky, especially if you’re a holdout (like me) of the age of physical games where you just pop it in, load up the discs, and you’re off and running. While physical games aren’t going anywhere (at least for now), there are still times where you might want to, or be forced to, redeem a code that you get from retailers digitally. This could include entire full games, bonus pre-order incentives, or anything else you can think of that can’t, or won’t be put in a box. While any of this is subject to change assuming either GameStop or Amazon decide to radically depart from how they normally handle digital codes, here, for now, is how you redeem them.


If you’re heading into a GameStop with the intent of getting anything digital, anything that isn’t a scratch-off card (like say a PlayStation Store card), will be printed out on the receipt for you. You’ll most commonly experience this when you pre-order a game (whether it’s physical or digital), and all of the pre-order incentives are printed onto the receipt for you to redeem. Read through the directions on the receipt carefully in case there are any special instructions, but in general, just take that code home, fire up your digital storefront of choice, and redeem it as you would any other code.


Amazon, considering it’s not a physical location, obviously handles things differently. Instead of waiting around for a physical receipt, any digital codes will be emailed to you. Normally, you’ll receive this email either a few days before the release date of whatever you’re waiting for, or sometimes on the day of. It will vary depending on what it is. If you’re getting antsy and want to know exactly what the deal is with your product, you can call Amazon’s support line, which is generally pretty helpful, and they may be able to provide you with a specific answer, or at least they’ll try to.

That does it for how to redeem codes from GameStop and Amazon. Be sure to search Twinfinite for more guides and FAQs.

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