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Dragon Ball FighterZ: How to Counter


Dragon Ball FighterZ: How to Counter

How to Counter in Dragon Ball FighterZ

In any fighting game there is nothing more satisfying than landing a counter on your opponent. In a game as fast-paced and chaotic as Dragon Ball FighterZ, there is something particularly fulfilling about hearing the announcer excitedly yell “counter” after you successfully pull one of. In a fighting game like this, there is a lot of value placed on the rush down and most battles come down to a race of who is able to efficiently put the most pressure on their foes. While there are certainly a lot of projectiles involved in Dragon Ball FighterZ as well, you won’t necessarily be leaning on them if you want to constantly emerge victorious. Your projectiles will be used more often for chaining combos together or creating a bit of space between you and an opponent who is ahead of you in the pressure game.

With so much of the combat being fast-paced, close counter exchanges, you’ll find yourself easily racking up plenty of counters if you approach Dragon Ball FighterZ right. If you want to counter your opponent, you don’t need to hit a particular button or learn some sort of magical input. What you have to do is understand frame advantage for certain moves and punish your opponent for nervously pushing buttons when they should be on block. If your opponent hits an input but you manage to get your attack out faster than they can, you will interrupt their plans to attack and have the opportunity to rush them down instead. Often times a player may try to use a stronger attack but place themselves at a frame disadvantage, which could allow you to let off a faster attack before their attack lands. If you manage to do this, you’ll be rewarded with that satisfying “counter” and also see it pop up on the side of the screen.

If you still have more questions about Dragon Ball FighterZ or just need general tips and tricks on how to play the game, check out our full Dragon Ball FighterZ wiki.

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