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Dissidia Final Fantasy NT: Is There Splitscreen Co-op?


Dissidia Final Fantasy NT: Is There Splitscreen Co-op?

No local multiplayer fun time.

Is There Splitscreen Co-op in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT?

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT shakes up the formula by pitting players against each other in epic 3 vs. 3 battles. While you’ll always be grouped up with two other players on your team when playing online, if you were hoping to enjoy the game locally or in splitscreen co-op, unfortunately you’re out of luck.

The game will not have any support for local multiplayer functionality, and there’s no way to engage in any form of splitscreen play either. All co-op will have to be done through the online network, meaning that your friend needs to have their own console and copy of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. The omission of splitscreen co-op is likely because Dissidia Final Fantasy NT requires you to maintain a good field of view of your surroundings and enemies at all times. With just half a screen to work with, it would be difficult to see where your enemies are coming from, and it’ll be extremely easy for players to get overwhelmed because of this disadvantage.

If you want to play with friends, you can still queue up with them in online ranked battles and fight other teams together.

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