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Dissidia Final Fantasy NT: How to Heal Yourself and Your Teammates


Dissidia Final Fantasy NT: How to Heal Yourself and Your Teammates

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How to Heal in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

While accruing Bravery points is important for winning matches in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, maintaining your HP is crucial if you want to survive and prevent the enemy team from being one point closer to victory. Considering it’s risky to save up on Bravery points before landing a finishing blow, you’ll likely get hit frequently with weak HP attacks. Thankfully, you can heal yourself as well as your teammates if you have the right EX skill equipped.

To heal yourself and your teammates in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, make sure you equip the HP Regen EX skill. This skill, which has a 90-second cooldown, will allow you to heal all allies within a 2-meter range. Each ally hit by the HP Regen skill will recover 20HP per six seconds, or a total of 1000HP during its 30-second duration.

Considering the base Bravery damage for characters is 1000, the HP Regen EX skill is a great way to negate the damage your enemies inflict on you and your teammates. Just make sure you don’t get knocked out by an enemy before you can recover your health.

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