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Dissidia Final Fantasy NT: How to Change Outfits and Clothes


Dissidia Final Fantasy NT: How to Change Outfits and Clothes

How to Change Outfits and Clothes in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

Since, in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, you’ll be battling other players as and alongside some of the most iconic characters from Square Enix’s huge RPG franchise, you’re going to want to customize them to suit your tastes. Thankfully, there’s plenty of outfit and clothes options in the game for you to choose and switch between.

First, however, you’ll actually need to get them. Your best bet for getting more outfits and clothes in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is by opening chests that you get as a reward for winning matches and ranking up. Think loot boxes, except you’re not paying any of your hard-earned cash for them.

To change your outfits and clothes in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT once you’ve got them, you need to hit triangle and go to the customize section of that menu. Then, head to the customize characters option where you’ll be able to make your changes. When you select each of the game’s characters, you can assign different costume sets to them. Then, when you select the character when beginning to play in multiplayer, simply select the costume set you want them to wear when you choose your loadout. It makes changing your outfits and clothes easy and allows you to switch them up as often as you want, without many obstacles.

That is all you need to know about how to change your character’s clothes and outfits in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. For more tips and tricks, be sure to check out our wiki.

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