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Pokemon GO: How to Get a Shiny Magikarp


Pokemon GO: How to Get a Shiny Magikarp

How to Get a Shiny Magikarp in Pokemon GO

Everyone’s favorite, useless fish Pokemon was the first to receive a shiny version in Pokemon GO. While a few new shinies have been introduced since Shiny Magikarp made an appearance back in March, this beloved flopper is still one of the most sought-after shinies in the game. It could be because players really just want to get their hands on the iconic Red Gyrados. Maybe a large portion of trainers really have some sort of inexplicable bond with Magikarp. Whatever the reason may be, plenty of trainers are trying to hunt down a Shiny Magikarp and many of them aren’t having much luck.

The bad news is that there is no real secret to getting your hands on a shiny Pokemon in Pokemon GO. They are exactly what they were always supposed to be — incredibly rare and random. There is no way to guarantee you can snag a Shiny Magikarp, but having a better understanding of how shinies work could help you boost your chances.

First thing’s first, you’ll have to understand that Shiny Pokemon will not appear as such while you’re in the map view. You’ll have to actually start the battle sequence with the Pokemon and wait to see if a shiny version shows up for you. What this means is that if you want a Shiny Magikarp, you need to head to an area that tends to yield a ton of Magikarp. Spend as much time as you can here tapping away at every Magikarp that appears on your screen. The more Magikarp you chase, the more chances you have for a Shiny Magikarp to appear.

Also keep in mind that shiny Pokemon are completely independent occurrences in Pokemon GO. Just because a Magikarp appears as a shiny for your friend who is standing right next to you doesn’t guarantee the Magikarp on your screen will also be a shiny.

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