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Top 5 Features to Make Fortnite Battle Royale Even Better


Top 5 Features to Make Fortnite Battle Royale Even Better

Yes, please!

Science-Fiction Weapons from Save the World

Fortnite’s stylized cartoon-like visuals give its Battle Royale a distinctly whimsical tone. It’s a hangover from the base PvE game’s wacky supernatural theme, in which a colorful cast of heroes defend Forts against hordes of zombies (Husks). In this mode, players have access to an arsenal of eccentric science fiction weaponry as well as conventional guns. Futuristic blasters mow down hordes of Husks in dazzling sparks of neon lightning, ripping apart waves of enemies with special effects like splash damage. They’re a complete hoot to use, so how about spicing up the Battle Royale experience with a few of these fantastical weapons, too?

The Battle Royale mode did, in fact, originally launch with the Zapotron — an absurdly powerful blaster with one-hit-kill capability, but it was later removed for being too overpowered. So care would need to be taken to ensure correct balancing of weapons introduced to the game, but surely Epic Games can find a sweet spot between overpowered weapons and adding something new and fun to the mix? After all, Battle Royale’s ground-pad item, various traps, jump-boosting tires, and shield potions are hardly grounded in any realism, so why not extend that to the guns, too?

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