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Destiny 2: What The Dawning Festival Event’s End Date Is


Destiny 2: What The Dawning Festival Event’s End Date Is

What The Dawning Festival Event’s End Date Is

It’s the holiday season, and Guardians love to celebrate, too. As such, Destiny 2 is hosting its own festive event in the form of The Dawning. The Dawning adds in a bunch of neat new features, such as the ability to throw snowballs at friends or even at enemies in Strikes, the ability to give gifts to vendors and NPCs on the different planets, and, of course, another opportunity to get some fresh, rare loot. As such, many Guardians will be wondering how long they have until the end date for Destiny 2’s The Dawning festive event.

According to Bungie’s official blog post about The Dawning event in Destiny 2, Guardians will have until Jan. 9 to take part in the festivities. Currently, Bungie hasn’t given any word on a specific time that the event will be ending on Jan. 9, but as soon as we know anything more, we’ll be sure to update this post and let you know.

Now go forth, Guardian, and throw a snowball in a Cabal’s face. No particular reason, we just thought it’d bring you some festive cheer.

For more on Destiny 2, its Curse of Osiris expansion, and festive events, be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki.

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