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Can You Change Your PS4 Online Name?


Can You Change Your PS4 Online Name?

Can You Change Your PS4 Username?

With the ability to change your username to your heart’s content on Steam, and to change it once for free and multiple times for a small fee on Xbox Live, PlayStation owners are always left with the same question: is it possible to change your PS4 username?

Unfortunately, for a while, there wasn’t a way to do so. It wasn’t clear if it was an issue with the PlayStation’s online architecture, or a countermeasure to bad behavior. However, fact was that you simply couldn’t change your PlayStation Network username.

While the only option before was to make a new account and lose all the online and trophy progress you’d already made, Sony has now revealed that you’ll soon be able to change your PS4 username.

Recently, the Sony Interactive Entertainment America CEO stated that he hopes to have the feature arrive within the next year. Sony knows that there are people who are clamoring for this feature.

On Oct. 10, 2018, Sony released a PlayStation Blog post detailed how to change your PS4 username. The PSN Online ID Change feature will first arrive as part of the PlayStation 4 Preview Program. Anyone who registered as a tester for the PS4’s system software betas back in January will be eligible to take part in the test.

The ability to change your PS4 username will be free the first time, and then $9.99 each subsequent time. If you’re a PS Plus member, however, that fee will only be $4.99. You are able to change your PS4 username as many times as you’d like, but you’ll have to pay the fee for each of them.

Additional features include the ability to show your past username alongside your new one so that friends recognise you. Also, any changes will be compatible will all games released prior to April 2018. Sony is also working to bring the feature to older popular multiplayer games.

The ability to change your PS4 username is set to release for all users in 2019.We will be sure to update you with all the details once it is live.

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