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5 Game Developers We Want to See More From in 2018


5 Game Developers We Want to See More From in 2018

Come out, come out wherever you are.

Despite all the countless big releases and epic adventures of 2017, there were still plenty of big name game studios that missed the year or have been rather silent for the most part. With 2018 looming large, here’s five teams we hope will drag themselves out from their comfortable spots in the corner and jump back into the spotlight in a big way.


batman return to arkham collection city

With the Batman trilogy done and dusted, Rocksteady could potentially come up with anything and everything for their next title, but no one has any idea as to what that might be. Will WB ask them to do one more Batman game, or maybe the long rumored Justice League or Superman instead? Or will Rocksteady pull a Sucker Punch and release a brand new IP with a completely different setting, genre, or even platform? We might not know for a while yet, as the rumored announcement during the Game Awards came and went without a trace.

What we do know, at least according to Rocksteady itself, is that we’re going to lose our collective minds once the game is revealed. Perhaps that’s a hint in and of itself, that a character we’re already familiar with is headed our way, and there’s no reason why it should be just another DC character either. WB owns plenty of other IPs under its vast catalogue… so may as well start dreaming about that Tiny Toons remake we’ve all been asking for. Right?

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