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Top 7 Best PlayStation VR Games Still To Come


Top 7 Best PlayStation VR Games Still To Come

One year on, what’s ahead for Sony’s VR kit?

It’s been a year since the PlayStation VR entered the virtual arena, bringing with it a cheaper but still effective way to see a new world with a piece of plastic over your head. Though some of the launch titles left a little to be desired, the hardware made a positive impact and now there’s a ton of great PSVR games heading our way. Here’s just a few of those games to keep an eye on as their release date draws closer.


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Though originally planned for release before the end of the year, the Inpatient has since slipped to 2018. But the wait should be worth it, considering Supermassive Games is behind the project and it will explain a lot of the weirder aspects to the sleeper PS4 hit, Until Dawn. Yes, the Inpatient is a prequel, set 60 years before the events that took (or not, depending on how well you played Until Dawn) the lives of a group of young adults via very strange circumstances. You’ll find yourself as a patient within the white walls of Blackwood Sanatorium, with the goal of regaining your memories coupled with some strange goings on.

It’s a shame we won’t be playing this one when expected, but hopefully the extra time will polish things up nicely when The Inpatient finally arrives next year.

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