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Star Wars Battlefront 2: How to Level Up Fast


Star Wars Battlefront 2: How to Level Up Fast

Level up to equip better cards.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 has a complicated progression system despite matches boiling down to shooting enemies in the face with blasters. Whenever you’re outside a match, you will need to account for your overall player level and class card level. Fiddling with the menu, opening Crates, knowing how to level up, and crafting higher level cards are necessary if you want to have stronger characters.

Your character’s overall level is the easiest to monitor in Star Wars Battlefront 2. At the end of each match, you will accrue experience points based on your performance. Basically, the Battle Points you get throughout the match is equivalent to the amount of experience points you earn.

You can quickly earn more experience points by sticking with your squad as you will receive a Battle Points/ experience point multiplier. Playing the objective also rewards players with huge amounts of experience points, so make sure you carry the objective in Strike or shoot the main target in Galactic Assault. Lastly, the Heroes vs. Villains game mode also yields a huge sum of points compared to other game modes, thus making it a great avenue for both leveling up and familiarizing yourself with the various hero characters.

Increasing your player level allows you to craft higher level Star Cards, which provide you with useful passive and active abilities. At first, you can craft rank 1 or grey-colored common Star Cards. Once you reach level 10, you can craft rank 2 or green-colored uncommon cards. Lastly, reaching level 20 allows you to craft rank 3 or blue-colored rare class cards and level 20 lets you craft rank 4 or the purple-colored epic cards.

Aside from increasing you player level, you should also check your class card level. Basically, the class card level allow you to equip a specific class with higher level Star Cards. The higher your class level, the stronger Star Cards you can have for that class.

The class card level in Star Wars Battlefront 2 is simply a representation of the number of cards owned for  specific classes and their levels. You don’t need to equip the class and cards to increase their level. To increase your class card level, simply acquire more Star Cards by purchasing the various Crates in the game with your hard-earned credits or via microtransactions. Take note that Crates only yield up to rank 3 or the blue-colored rare class cards. From this point on, the only way to get stronger cards is by crafting.

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