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Star Wars Battlefront 2: How to Get Battle Points & What They Do


Star Wars Battlefront 2: How to Get Battle Points & What They Do

Get the characters you want.

Get Battle Points Fast and Spend It Properly in Star Wars Battlefront 2

You will amass thousands of Battle Points in Star Wars Battlefront 2 each time you play multiplayer matches. Basically, Star Wars Battlefront 2 rewards each action you perform with in-game credits that you can use to purchase characters during a match. Simply damaging enemies will earn you a few points, and you’ll receive more if you manage to land the killing blow. Killing enemies isn’t the only way to earn Battle Points, with simple actions such as tagging enemy troops with your scout binoculars giving you a small amount of the currency as well. If you’re looking to earn points quickly, you should contribute in completing objectives as Star Wars Battlefront 2 modestly rewards team players.

Once you have a sizeable amount of Battle Points, you can use it to purchase special characters, ships, and heroes during matches. Take note that the characters you purchase with the points aren’t permanently usable, so you’ll need to repurchase them once they die during the match. Additionally, you can’t use heroes that are already fighting in the battlefield, so you’ll need to wait for your turn.

Heroes are the most expensive characters, which means you’ll have to settle with regular characters to save up on Battle Points. However, if you’re good at eliminating enemies and contribute greatly to the objectives, you can quickly earn Battle Points to use heroes and special characters multiple times in a match.

While saving your Battle Points to use heroes such as Darth Vader and Rey is tempting, you shouldn’t underestimate the other characters. The regular blaster shots from wookies and jump troopers are incredibly strong while operating ships can greatly help your allies in pushing towards the objective. If you know the right character to use during a match, you can maximize your character’s usage and even get back all the Battle Points you have spent.

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