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Need for Speed Payback: How to Get Shipments


Need for Speed Payback: How to Get Shipments

How to Get Shipments in Need for Speed Payback

Upgrading your ride in Need for Speed Payback requires you to collect Speed Cards, earn in-game money, and increase the number of Part Tokens you have. The most time efficient way of doing this is by opening Shipments, which are Payback’s version of loot boxes.

The quickest way to get Shipments is to buy them with Speed Points, which are purchased with real-world money. One Base Shipment, which includes one vanity item, one part token pack, and one bank token set, can be purchased for 100 Speed Points. For that, you’ll get between three and five Part Tokens, some in-game cash, and one other perk, such as a colored tire smoke or a funny horn tune.

However, if you do not want to spend real money, you can get your hands on Shipments by playing the game organically. Every time you level up your reputation, you are awarded a Base Shipment, and you can also get them for completing the daily challenges. Those challenges range from activities such as completing a number of races or beating a certain number of auto log records. To open crates you have been awarded for in-game actions, press the menu/options button and scroll along to the Shipments section, where’ll you’ll see your collection as well as the purchasable ones.

That is how you get Shipments to upgrade your car in Need for Speed Payback. For more tips and tricks, stick with us at Twinfinite.

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