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CoD WW2: How to Get Incendiary Shells


CoD WW2: How to Get Incendiary Shells

How to Get Incendiary Shells in CoD WW2

Sledgehammer marketed CoD WW2 as a ‘boots on the ground’ Call of Duty experience that goes back to the series’ roots. However, that does not mean that the customisation and weapon modification options have disappeared. One of those options that is proving to be one of the most popular in CoD WW2’s multiplayer modes is Incendiary Shells.

In the campaign, Incendiary Shells are used by the Wehrmacht as an attachment for their weapons. They work in a similar way when playing online. They are a Division Skill for the Expeditionary Division in CoD WW2’s multiplayer and the player that uses them will have four incendiary rounds each time they respawn and must load those rounds manually whenever they want to use them.

Incendiary Rounds are only compatible with shotguns and the Expeditionary Division, so therefore cannot be used by other Divisions or with any other weapons. They are incredibly powerful rounds they burst into flames as they leave the barrel of the gun, setting enemies alight and damaging them periodically after the triggered was pulled.

That’s how you get Incendiary Shells in CoD WW2. For more tips and tricks, check out our extensive wiki.

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