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10 Things To Do After You Beat Assassin’s Creed Origins


10 Things To Do After You Beat Assassin’s Creed Origins

It’s just the end of the beginning.

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Finish All of the Side Quests

Note: This article contains some light spoilers about things that happen before and after you beat the game. If you want everything to be a surprise, don’t read on any further.

Assassin’s Creed Origins has gone full Witcher 3-style with the number of side quests available for players to enjoy. There really is a ton of content to get through, and even once you’ve finished the game, it’s highly unlikely you’ll have played all of the side quests. In fact, we’d suggest measuring the amount you engage during your playthrough is actually the best approach, anyway, spacing out these mini-storylines with other activities to try and amass XP. Take your time enjoying the narrative of quests because Ubisoft has done a pretty good job of making each one an interesting tale, not be rushed and skipped over.

Although you’ve likely ticked off a fair few in areas in which the game’s main quests take place, such as Siwa, Alexandria, Giza, and Memphis, there’s still plenty scattered across even the most deserted areas of Origins’ map. Go and track these down and savor your time in the beautiful landscape of Ancient Egypt.

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