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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp: How to Find Your Friend Code


Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp: How to Find Your Friend Code

How to Find Your Friend Code In Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

A big part of Animal Crossing has always been checking out your friend’s towns. In Pocket Camp, towns are replaced by camps, but the onus on adding your buddy’s friend code and visiting them is same. Strangely, though, the game doesn’t do a great job in telling how to do this, so let’s review the process.

In order to find your friend code in Pocket Camp, go to the “more” option at the bottom corner of your screen, then select “Friends” from the menu that pops up. Once you’ve done that, select “Add Friend” and then “Share Your ID”. This will bring your 11-digit Friend Code up on the screen, but you can also copy the ID on your phone so you can quickly send it to a friend, or post it to social media apps like Twitter. To add friend codes, you simply select the “Enter an ID” option below the “Share Your ID” option and enter your friend’s code.

Once you’ve accepted the friend requests, you’re ready to play with your buddies. From your Friends list, simply select the player you want to hang out with and you’ll be able to visit their campsite at any time you like in Pocket Camp.

That does it for how to find your friend code in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. For more useful tips and information on the game, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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