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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: How to Fish & Get a Fishing Pole


Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: How to Fish & Get a Fishing Pole

How to Fish with a Fishing Rod in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

The latest Animal Crossing, Pocket Camp, is in fact a mobile game, and it’s time to get your camping gear in check and set out for the great outdoors. As is usual with these games, you can do a variety of outdoor activities like foraging, bug catching, and fishing. Here’s how to fish in the game.

When you’re in a recreation spot that allows for fishing (denoted by either rivers, lakes, or sea), your character will automatically have their fishing rod out. With their fishing pole in hand, they’ll walk around and you won’t have to equip anything else or do anything special there. If you want to catch some fish, though, you need to walk up to the edge of water (whatever kind of water that may be) and be on the lookout for shadows. When you see some shadows swimming around, tap in front of them and your character will cast their line out to there. Now, it’s simply a waiting game.

Wait for the shadow to swim up (they eventually will so long as they see the tackle). It will nibble some amount of times to fake you out, but you won’t bite! No siree, you’re going to be waiting for the big one. Once you see an exclamation point appear, that’s your chance to tap on your phone’s screen again and you’ll start reeling the fish in. Ta-da! You’ll have caught it! That’s all there is to fishing in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp.

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