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Stardew Valley: Does it End?


Stardew Valley: Does it End?

When will it end?

Despite being a farming simulator, there’s actually a lot of depth behind Stardew Valley. Aside from tending crops, you can collect tons of fish, mine plenty of ore, fight hoards of monsters, and forage materials. This isn’t even counting the fact that you can woo a bachelor/bachelorette and start a family (or families if you plan to divorce your spouse).

One common question many players might have is if Stardew Valley has an ending. Maybe the credits roll once you have a baby, or if you collect every single crop in the game. In truth, the game only ends when you’re done with it. That said, someone will come around to evaluate your performance at the start of year three, but that won’t stop you from you from running your farm.

You can keep playing as long as you want. If your personal “end game” is marriage, you can put the game down once you’ve exchanged vows with your special someone. And even if you manage to collect every single thing the game has to offer, the developers will be releasing a multiplayer patch sometime next year. That way, you can continue to enjoy the game with your friends.

For more information on Stardew Valley, you can check our wiki.

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