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Shadow of War: How to Start an Online Vendetta & What They Do


Shadow of War: How to Start an Online Vendetta & What They Do

How to Start an Online Vendetta in Middle-earth: Shadow of War

Middle-earth: Shadow of War has a ton of different activities for you to undertake in its open world, some of which are online. One such online activity is online vendettas, which let you infiltrate another player’s world to take revenge on the orc that killed them and receive some rewards in the process. It’s fairly straightforward on how to start and complete an online vendetta, but we’ll help walk you through the process.

How to Start an Online Vendetta

Online Vendettas will pop up automatically on your map in Shadow of War, although you’ll need to advance the story a few hours in order to see them pop up. While you’re roaming around Mordor you’ll see prompts pop up on your screen saying an online vendetta is available. Simply open you’re map and look for the orange circle with an X in the middle. This is the marker for the vendetta, now just head there and start the mission. You’ll connect online and be taken to the other player’s world.

What Online Vendettas Do

Your task in an online vendetta will be to hunt down a specific orc captain and eliminate him. You can dominate orcs and followers while in a vendetta, but keep in mind that none of them will carry over to your game once you’ve completed it. Each vendetta will have optional objectives to complete which will net you greater rewards. By completing vendettas you can get Vendetta Loot Chests to open, Spoils of War experience, Gems and Equipment, and Legendary Vendetta items. Every rank you gain for Spoils of War will reward you with a new Spoils of War chest to open. Online vendettas are fairly quick and straightforward to do, so it’s in your best interest to complete a few and grab the rewards.

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