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Gundam Versus: How to Get GP Fast


Gundam Versus: How to Get GP Fast

How to Get GP Fast in Gundam Versus

Gundam Versus has a wealth of content to dig into including a bunch of unlockables like different emblems, titles, and extra strikers. To get access to all of these things you’re going to need plenty of GP to use, a currency that you can earn throughout Gundam Versus. There’s a few different ways of earning GP, and we’ll help give you a few tips on how to rack it up.

Nearly every mode in Gundam Versus will reward you with GP, except for free battles. Free battles are fine if you want to knock out a few rounds with the AI, but make sure you know you won’t be earning GP that way. You can earn points by playing online matches, both casual and ranked. You’ll get a moderate amount of GP each match, so if you’re playing online a lot it’ll soon start to rack up.

The easiest way to accumulate GP, however, is to play through ultimate battle and trial battle. These are single player modes with the former having you face off against waves of enemies, and the latter having you play through a sequence of missions. Both of these are good for earning GP, especially trial battle, which gives you a good amount for each and every mission. There are 10 routes to play through, and after you’ve beaten each one you’ll unlock an EX mission for that route. To really get points it might be a good idea to set aside an hour or two and just play through trial mode.

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