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Fire Emblem Warriors: What the Max Level Cap Is


Fire Emblem Warriors: What the Max Level Cap Is

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Max Level Cap in Fire Emblem Warriors

Fire Emblem Warriors is the latest spinoff of the Fire Emblem series for the Nintendo Switch and 3DS. While there might not be any traditional tactical combat, the game still retains some of the franchise’s core mechanics like permadeath, support conversations, and even a leveling system.

Characters who fight on the battlefield can level up and increase their stats. Eventually, your units can even switch to an advanced class depending on their level. That said, characters in the mainline series reset their levels when changing to a new job class. In Warriors, your units will retain their current level after unlocking their advanced class at level 15.

Going by this, Fire Emblem Warriors seems to follow Hyrule Warriors in terms of leveling. Heroes can only reach level 99 for now, but the future DLC might expand the initial cap. It’s worth pointing out that Hyrule Warriors eventually allowed units to reach up to level 255.

Fire Emblem Warriors is a crossover musou game that brings together several iconic heroes in the series. Fight alongside characters like Ryoma, Chrom, Lissa, Robin, and Corrin in the game. If you stumble across any other roadblocks in the game, make sure to check out our other nifty guides!

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