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The Evil Within 2: How to Get the Shotgun


The Evil Within 2: How to Get the Shotgun

Boomstick acquired.

Getting the Shotgun in The Evil Within 2

The shotgun is the most iconic weapon of any horror game, and The Evil Within 2 is certainly no different. This handy and powerful weapon can be obtained pretty early on in the game, right after you’ve discovered O’Neal’s safe house. After departing, use your communicator to track the Rogue Signal side mission. After tuning in to the signal at the supermarket, go to the green marker marked at 322 Cedar. There are two green markers on the map, and the one you’re after is the southernmost one.

Explore the house fully until you find a computer terminal at the basement that lets you warp to the Armory. Follow the linear corridor, and deal with the single Hysteric enemy in your way. You can use a sneak attack on her and then follow up with two quick head shots with the handgun to finish the job. Continue down the hallway, solve the waveform lock puzzle (you just have to rotate the analog sticks to get both wave patterns to line up), and you’ll find a room with two Mobius weapon caches. Open them up to find the sawed-off shotgun and some ammo.

If you missed this opportunity to get the shotgun, you can obtain it later on when you go to the truck garage as part of the main story.

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