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NBA 2K18: How to Call for a Screen


NBA 2K18: How to Call for a Screen

How to Call for a Screen in NBA 2k18

Modern NBA offense focuses on effective floor spacing and crisp ball movement. As a result, setting effective screens has become not just an option in offenses around the league, but a downright necessity. In order to run a well-balanced offense in NBA 2K18, you must learn how to effectively use the deadly on-ball screen and know how to call for one, too.

In order to call for an on-ball screen when controlling the ball handler in NBA 2K18, hold down L1/LB. The icon for this move will appear above the player that will come to set it. Hold down the screen button throughout the play. You can select which side the player should set the screen on by pressing R2/RT. To switch between pick and roll and pick and pop, press R1/RB while holding down the L1/LB button. In order to slip the screen, simply release the screen button and the screener will release to the basket.

When the screen is set, simply run around it and read how the defense reacts. If both defenders follow the ball handler, pass it off to the screener. If they run under the screen, pull up for a jump shot. If they run over, drive aggressively to the basket. Try to exploit mismatches created by the motion.

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