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NBA 2K18: Best Archetypes for Your Player


NBA 2K18: Best Archetypes for Your Player

Create the character you really want.

Alongside the five standard positions (Center, Power Forward, Small Forward, Shooting Guard, Point Guard) for your custom NBA 2K18 character is the choice of two specializations, which drastically increases the variety in play styles. The introduction of dual archetypes in NBA 2K18 allow you to have wildly different attribute caps and badges, making your early-game decision extremely important. There are a total of 189 archetypes to choose from in NBA 2K18, which can be daunting for players who just want to leisurely enjoy MyCareer. So, which position and archetype combination should you choose in NBA 2K18?

Firstly, it’s best to determine your preferred play style. Carefully plan first the standard position you want, as this plays a huge role in your attributes and available badges. For those unaware about badges, they are highly useful unlockable situational-specific perks that can be upgraded (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Hall of Fame) to increase the perks’ effectiveness. If you choose a Center position, for example, you won’t receive Hall of Fame badges that allow you to have high accuracy amidst a contested shot.

Once you have a position in mind, simply switch between the different primary and secondary skills to see your character attribute cap and badges. Just like in all games that have stat builds, it’s ultimately up to each player’s preferred play style in choosing the archetype. If you want to excel in a certain playstyle, go with an old-fashioned pure archetype to maximize your attribute cap and badges.

Below are all specializations for reference:

  • Defending
  • Driving & Finishing
  • Passing & Ball Handling
  • Rebounding
  • Shot Creating
  • Post Scoring
  • Post Scorer
  • 3pt Shooting

For more on NBA 2K18, make sure to check our wiki.

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