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Microsoft to Show off Xbox One X’s 1080p Capabilities Before Launch

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Microsoft to Show off Xbox One X’s 1080p Capabilities Before Launch

Who’s excited for supersampling?

Microsoft has promoted the Xbox One X’s 4K TV capabilities since first unveiling its upcoming mid-generation console update. What it hasn’t done much of, however, is try to sell gamers with 1080p TVs on its new hardware.

That fact is apparently not lost on the console holder, and it plans to do something about it before launch. Responding to fan questions on Twitter, General Manager of Xbox Games Marketing Aaron Greenberg announced plans to show off the type of visual upgrade the Xbox One X will bring to 1080p TV owners.

Specifically, Greenberg was asked about “supersampling,” an anti-aliasing technique that renders images at higher resolutions than they’re displayed at before downsampling to the actual display resolution. The result is better textures thanks to fewer jaggies.
“We plan to show this clearly before release,” tweeted Greenberg.

For those wo can’t wait, Microsoft Senior Director of Product Management and Planning Albert Penello recommended consumers check out this independent video for a tutorial on how supersampling improves games visuals.

The Verge recently reported that Microsoft would leave the decision to use supersampling up to individual developers. Xbox games that will look better on either a 1080p or 4K TV will come with an “Enhanced” logo on their box.

The Xbox One X launches November 7 for $499.99.


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