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Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid: How to Beat Emperor Calus (Final Boss)


Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid: How to Beat Emperor Calus (Final Boss)

How to Beat Emperor Calus in Destiny 2’s Leviathan Raid

Surprisingly enough, the Leviathan Raid, Destiny 2’s very first raid, doesn’t have many boss fights. Instead, there are a series of challenges for players to get through before proving worthy to face off against the Emperor. The challenges are:

The final boss is a very weird one that has you dealing with spirit realms, tons of Psions, and lots of skulls. Don’t worry, though, it’s a bit easier than it initially looks. To start the fight, shoot the chalice out of Calus’ hand. A bunch of adds will spawn that you need to kill. Simply focus on them. Eventually, the entire team will be teleported elsewhere, where you’ll see a huge, floating head. It’s pretty creepy, especially when it starts to try to suck you in. At the same time, some orbs will spawn. Pick three players to grab the orbs and go back to the previous room. The rest of you just wait against barrier located in the dimension.

The three who go outside need to kill adds but ignore the Psions that spawn in bubbles with floating symbols over their heads. Those left behind in the other dimension will have to call out symbols that appear on the floating head’s forehead. These are the Psions that the outside players need to not kill. The other one is fair game. Killing it will move that barrier inside of the other dimension forward, letting those players get closer to the head inside. Keep repeating the step until the players are near the head, which is when it starts shooting Void skulls and trying to snuff them out. While this is going on, players on the outside will need to damage Calus while he powers up some powerful beam. Just shoot him in his head and keep it moving while waiting for the next Psions.

During this part of the encounter, the people inside will need to simply survive until three more orbs spawn and grab them. Now Calus will be able to take damage. Everyone will appear in the boss room now and should stand on one of the platforms around the room (everyone should stand on the same one). Start from one on either end (they’re in a semi-circle around the room) and move over as Calus starts to aim his beam at it. While you’re on a plate, though, shoot him in the head and do as much damage as you can (using supers and heavy if you have to). After doing enough damage, Calus’ belly will become exposed.

The above steps will repeat, so just do the same thing, making sure to keep it moving and not die. His exposed red belly becomes another critical hit point, so light it up when you need to. You want to make sure not to push his health too far if you aren’t prepared, though. Like Aksis and Oryx before him, Calus has a final, last attempt at wiping your team. He’ll appear near his throne and start to glow, ready to kill everyone. Dump all of your ammo, supers, grenades, and anything else you got, into him. Do enough damage and that’s game over. You just beat the Leviathan raid, the first raid in Destiny 2.

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