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Destiny 2: How to Get the Rat King Exotic Sidearm (Rat King’s Crew)


Destiny 2: How to Get the Rat King Exotic Sidearm (Rat King’s Crew)

How to Get the Rat King in Destiny 2

The Rat King is an amazing looking sidearm in Desitny 2 that has some interesting perks to its. Check them out:

Rat Pack – If nearby fireteam members have this gun equipped, it becomes stronger. (stacks up to six times)

Smallbore – Increased range and stability.

Tactical Mag – Increases stability, reload speed, and magazine size.

Vermin – Reloading immediately after a kill grants brief period of invisibility.

Smooth Grip – Increased stability and handling speed.

This exotic weapon benefits from other allies having it equipped, making it a potent option for full teams. It’s not the easiest weapon to obtain, though, as it’s one of the few that is locked behind an exotic quest. You can’t actually obtain the quest until you beat the story, as this is a world quest unlocked once the Tower is reclaimed. Once you beat the story, head over to Titan and talk to Sloane in Siren’s Watch (she’s the Titan vendor). She has a quest called “Enemy of my Enemy” that has you chase down a Fallen captain across three different missions (that are all part of the same one mission).

Beating this quest will unlock a mysterious item and quest called Rat King’s Crew. The cryptic item, which depicts a metallic rat skull. It comes with nothing but a poem for you to solve with “other rats.”

“The Rat King’s Crew

Runs to and for

Good girls and boys

Know where to go

Pick up your toys and darn your sock

On errands of woe, on errands we walk”

What it essentially means is that you need to grab two other players who also have the Rat King’s Crew, and run some Patrols for this step.

The second step in Rat King’s crew is also a riddle:

“The Rat King’s Crew

Goes arm in arm

To fight as one

To do no harm

So have your fun and run outside

Rally the flag and we’ll never die”

For this step you’ll need to complete two Public Events with your fireteam.

Rat King’s Crew’s third step provides yet another poem:

“The Rat King’s Crew

Goes four and four

With good good fights

They learn to score

Then three as one they stand upright

Return from past the wall and wanting more.”

The first part, about going four and four, is a crucible match. Simply enter with your buddies (you’ll be matched with a fourth if need be) and just complete the match (quickplay counts). You’ll need to complete two of these to unlock the next part of Rat King’s exotic quest in Destiny 2.

The fourth riddles is:

“The Rat King’s Crew

Stands three as one

They see Night’s fall

And fear it none

But watch the clock as you scale the wall

Lest five remain hope comes for none”

You’ll have to complete a Nightfall strike with five minutes left on the clock.

If you want help with something other than obtaining the Rat King in Destiny 2, be sure to check out our Destiny 2 wiki.

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