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Destiny 2: How to Get The Dragon’s Shadow Exotic Hunter Chest


Destiny 2: How to Get The Dragon’s Shadow Exotic Hunter Chest

An armor that rewards you for dodging.

How to Get Dragon’s Shadow Exotic Hunter Chest in Destiny 2

Aptly called The Dragon’s Shadow, this brand new exotic chest armor for Hunters in Destiny 2 sports a dragon-themed design. This chest armor has a large dragon head on the front chest piece and two dragons on the shoulders.

Regardless of your subclass preferences, The Dragon’s Shadow will benefit your Hunter. Its perk, called the Wraithmetal Mail, “grants increased movement and weapon handling speed for a short time after dodging.” This means both the Marksman’s Dodge and Gambler’s Dodge across all the Hunter’s three subclasses of the Hunter will benefit from The Dragon’s Shadow’s perk.

Meanwhile, those using the Void subclass will have a faster ability recharge time with The Dragon’s Shadow exotic Hunter chest equipped.

The Dragon’s Shadow exotic chest armor also has two mods to choose from. The Plasteel Reinforcement Mod focuses on boosting your resilience while the Restorative Mod increases your health recovery. Regardless of your chosen mode, The Dragon’s Shadow offers a decent amount of mobility for your Hunter.

The chances of getting The Dragon’s Shadow is purely luck-based. You can get it from a random loot drop in (Heroic) Public Events and the Crucible or as part of the Powerful Gear rewards from the weekly Milestones (Flashpoint, Call to Arms, Nightfall, and Clan EXP). Simply participate in any activities that tickle your fancy and make sure to complete the weekly Milestones before each weekly reset on Tuesdays for a chance to get The Dragon’s Shadow. Additionally, be on the lookout for Xur every Friday as he might be selling some sweet exotics, including The Dragon’s Shadow.

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