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Destiny 2: How to Get The Life Exotic Trophy & Achievement


Destiny 2: How to Get The Life Exotic Trophy & Achievement

Getting the Life Exotic Trophy and Achievement in Destiny 2

The Life Exotic comprises one of just fourteen trophies/achievements in Destiny 2. As you will have noted from its description, the objective is to obtain fifteen different exotic weapons or armor. Exotic weapons are the rarest items in the game, and consequently, seldom rarely drop in typical PvE play. Nonetheless, you will eventually obtain The Life Exotic simply by playing those mission types in enough volume.

That being said, if you want to quickly tick off the trophy/achievement, there are certain missions that guarantee exotic weapon drops and will give you a big helping hand on your way to getting all fifteen.

Each time you play through certain campaign missions in Destiny 2, you are rewarded with an exotic weapon, and since this achievement is based on your account rather than an individual character, you can play through the campaign with different subclasses to triple that number. Mission 6: Riptide, Mission 10: Sacrilege, and completing Destiny 2’s main campaign will reward you with an exotic weapon, so beating these with each character will boost your exotic count to nine. Just make sure that each time you are presented with an exotic option you choose something unique because selecting the same weapons won’t count as individual exotics to your total count.

Beyond main missions, there’s also a side mission in Destiny 2 that rewards with an exotic weapon/armor piece. Call to Arms is a Side Quest from Lord Shaxx, who can be found in The Farm social space early in the story (by the hangar) or in the tower after beating the story (by the vaults). This quest is quite simple and not particularly time-consuming — all you have to do is play a few crucible matches.

Once you’ve farmed those missions for exotics, you shouldn’t need to grind much to get the remaining few for The Life Exotic trophy/achievement. There are other ways to amass the engrams required for exotics. They will drop randomly during PvE and Crucible PvP matches, and exotic item drops occur during Strikes and Raids, too.

That is all the information you will need to get The Life Exotic trophy/achievement in Destiny 2. For more on the game, be sure to check our wiki page.

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