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Destiny 2: How to Get New Sparrows


Destiny 2: How to Get New Sparrows

How to Get New Sparrows in Destiny 2

Sparrows became a beloved part of the original Destiny thanks to the various cosmetic options and the introduction of the Sparrow Racing League, too. So of course, Destiny 2 sees the return of the speedy Sparrows, and many players will be wondering how they can get new Sparrows to show off with in front of their friends.

In order to get new Sparrows in Destiny 2, you’ll need to get your hands on Bright Engrams. These can be earned in a number of ways in Destiny 2. Once you’ve reached the max level (20) in Destiny 2, you’ll continue to earn experience and ‘level up.’ However, instead of actually going up in level, you’ll instead earn a Bright Engram.

Bright Engrams can also be got by simply progressing through the story of Destiny 2, or by purchasing them with real-world money, as these are actually part of the Eververse.

Once you’ve got your Bright Engrams, you’ll want to take them over to Tess Everis. These can then be decrypted and will hopefully contain some new Sparrows for you. It’s worth noting that Bright Engrams can contain a bunch of different aesthetic rewards, so new Sparrows are certainly not guaranteed.

You can also get new Sparrows from Amanda Holiday as well once you’ve unlocked access to her.

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