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Destiny 2: How to Craft Mods


Destiny 2: How to Craft Mods

How to Craft Weapon and Armor Mods in Destiny 2

If you’re wanting to make your gear even more powerful in Destiny 2, then mods are what you’ll want to look into. Unfortunately, this isn’t available until you’ve finished Destiny 2’s story, meaning you’ll have to fight Ghaul’s threat without their help.

Due to only unlocking this once you’ve finished the story, we advise turning away now if you want to avoid spoilers. This is your warning!

With Destiny 2’s story finished, you’ll unlock the Tower and a familiar face in Banshee-44 will be there to greet you. Interact with him by pressing Square on PS4 (X on Xbox One), and you’ll have the options to Create Armor Mod or Create Weapon Mod.

Each of these requires two mod components which can be obtained from dismantling any legendary mods you may have acquired on your adventure thus far in the game. You’ll also need 1000 Glimmer just to keep Banshee-44 in business.

As long as you have the required materials and funds, a random mod will be generated. Mods from Banshee-44 will always be random, so you’ll just have to test your luck and hope for the best.

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