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Cuphead: How to Use Your Super


Cuphead: How to Use Your Super

How to Use Your Super in Cuphead

While playing through Cuphead, you’ll eventually earn the ability to use a super, a powerful, often life-saving maneuver that can either do massive damage or get you out of a pinch. However, the game never really tells you how to use them, only that you need to equip them. Also, while when you look at your Equip Card and see that there are no supers when you first start the game, you actually have one when using a plane.

Now to use a super, you must get five EX charges. These are those little white and red cards you can see at the bottom, right-hand corner of your screen. You can get these by using a parry, by dealing damage to enemies, or by equipping the Coffee Charm which constantly fills your meter. Once filled, simply press “B” as if you were going to just use an EX ability. This time, however, you will waste all of your charges. You’ll be invulnerable for the second it takes to fire it off, which is useful, and if you have an attack super you’ll do a ton of damage.

That’s all there is to using your super in Cuphead. For more on Cuphead be sure to check back here at Twinfinite.

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